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12 freshman House members: It’s time for the Senate to act on health care

Last week, headlines announced: “Two Republican Senators declare bid to repeal health care law ‘dead.’”  Making matters worse, Senator John McCain suffered a blood clot, causing Senate Majority Leader McConnell to further delay action.  While we pray for Senator McCain’s speedy recovery, we House Republican freshmen are concerned by this news of further delay.  More importantly, imagine the distress of constituents across the nation who are suffering under ObamaCare. Our party campaigned on repealing and replacing ObamaCare with something better, but until now the opportunity was never truly possible.

We remain fully aware that we were elected with a mandate from voters to end the pain that ObamaCare has caused and provide a better solution. Failure to do so is a failure to follow the will of our voters who elected a Republican majority to both the House and Senate, placed a Republican in the White House, and worked tirelessly to secure change from the status quo. 

None of this comes as a surprise given the staggering statistics: Just seven years after the Affordable Care Act became law, 3 million people could have just one insurer available to them, while 35,000 could have no carriers at all.  Premiums have increased 105 percent.  Rather than bear these excessive costs, 6.5 million Americans chose to pay penalties, amounting to a total of $3 billion in 2015 alone. It’s no wonder many have chosen not to purchase insurance given that those with insurance bear massive deductibles ranging from $3,000 to $10,000.  

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