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Month: January 2017

Guide to Compactors and Baler Wire

What is Baler Wire? Baler wire is a sort of material which is used in both agricultural and as well as industrial set up with features including use as a repairing material to binding straw or even grass and even mounting them into hay balers. Types of Baler Wire Baler wires are of many types […]

Top 5 Best Places to Go on Your Holidays to South of France

There are many excellent vacation spots around the world, and that applies to South France as well. Here are a few destinations those looking for the perfect South of France holidays might want to check out: Pont du Grad: This is a monument constructed by the Romans between 50 and 52 AD. Individuals that are […]

Johann Cruyff could teach politicians writes CHRIS DEERIN

When the sad news of his death broke, I realised guiltily that I hadn’t thought of Johann Cruyff for a while. The Mozart of football withdrew fully from the public eye last year after being diagnosed with cancer. He had really been a peripheral actor in the game since he was sacked from his last […]

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