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3 new Amazon tools for brands

Amazon continues to improve the experience of brands selling on the marketplace. There are a few new tools that are worth noting, for Fulfillment-by-Amazon sellers in Brand Registry. One tool, “Customer Insights,” is seemingly hidden. I will provide the link to access it.

New catalog items

The first change appeared around June 2017. It is a small change to make it easier to add products. The functionality of adding new products has not changed. But a menu addition called “Complete Your Draft” beneath the “New” tab makes it easier to access and bypass the “Inventory” tab.

“Complete Your Drafts” is helpful when adding products.

If you set up an item and Amazon does not approve it, it will show up here, in the Complete Your Draft section. You can then correct the issue and resubmit the item. Or if you start the setup process and need to come back to it later, it will be saved in this section as well.

Better storefronts

The next new tool is the ability to build an enhanced storefront. Amazon has always had storefronts, but few FBA sellers have used storefronts as there were limited ways to make them interesting or engaging.

Amazon now offers to Brand Registry sellers the ability to build an enhanced storefront.

Now storefronts come with prebuilt templates, as well as the ability to create your own.

Storefronts now  come with prebuilt templates, such as “Marquee” and “Highlight.”

Brands can now customize their storefronts.

Having the ability to add more graphics about a brand, as well as video, improves the brand’s presence on the marketplace. Many of these features were available previously only to Vendor Central sellers. FBA sellers were relegated to a storefront with a basic grid with a logo.

This expanded storefront works with the “expanded brand content” pages that became available to FBA Brand Registry sellers last year. These pages allowed sellers to add more…

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