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3 Reasons SEO Is Incredibly Valuable to Your Company

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Need to explain the value of SEO to potential clients, business partners, or stakeholders?

This post focuses on just three key ways that SEO offers immense value to any organization.


  • Makes the user experience better.
  • Helps build a stronger brand.
  • Contributes to the bottom line over a long period of time.

1. SEO Improves User Experience

Being a successful SEO professional requires knowing more than ever before.

People who choose to work in the search industry are constantly adjusting their strategies to changes Google makes on a daily basis.

We don’t always know or completely understand every change Google makes to its algorithm. But we use the information Google shares with us to better position our websites to perform in organic search.

We understand that Google’s algorithm has many ranking signals. They have made noticeable efforts the past few years to emphasize the signals related to engagement.

Metrics like dwell time, time on site, pages viewed per session, and page load speed all been emphasized as having greater importance for Google to rank websites.

SEO is more than just looking for high volume keywords and link building. SEO professionals must understand and dive deeper into internal discussions about how to improve the overall user experience using new technologies that Google wants webmasters to adapt.

What are some of these new technologies?

Google is constantly evolving to align better with user behavior. As Google changes their approach, it forces those of us who work in this space to also change and adapt.

This is where SEO offers immense value to any organization. SEO…

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