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5 Reasons Your Business May Not Be Ready for a Marketing Agency

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Having spent most of my career on the client-side of marketing, I can confidently say that working with an agency is usually a good move for most companies. The reason I say this is that a large majority of businesses who hire in-house marketers are going to have a difficult time finding the talent that is readily available at an agency. And when you really get down to it, that’s what makes marketing agencies so damn appealing.

You see, the best agencies bring industry and channel specialists to their clients’ projects. These specialists often come with varied work experiences and collaborative mindsets, which are two keys to success in contemporary marketing. When you combine these attributes with data, creativity and a customer-centric approach, there are a lot of great things about working with an agency. That is, unless you’re just not ready.

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Now, I certainly don’t want to discourage anyone looking for the assistance of a skilled agency. Beyond adding customers, value and ingenuity to your business, a good agency can serve as an inspirational partner that coaxes you out of being inward-focused and uninteresting to your audience. But, it’s not for everyone. In my experience, there are a few scenarios that may indicate your business isn’t quite ready for an agency relationship.

You have a good idea, but no product.

It’s perfectly normal, and many times practical, to tap a marketing firm while your product is being designed and manufactured. This is especially true if your product is an app or a service, as messaging and information architecture teams often work together seamlessly with development and sales teams to refine a finished…

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