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6 Mind-Blowing Toys for Nipple Play

Hi, Emily!

My sex life with my husband almost exclusively revolves around nipple play. He and I both LOVE giving and receiving nipple stimulation, and it’s our primary foreplay (usually a nipple-69) and method to orgasm using our hands, mouths, and/or toys.

In an effort to keep things new and fun, I’ve researched nipple toys but can’t seem to find any with consistently positive reviews. We’ve talked about clamps, suction toys, and even pumps, but we aren’t sure what is reliable, pain-free (we like teasing and pleasure, not pain), and useful for both women and men.

Do you have any advice for what toys or techniques could enhance our somewhat unconventional—but very satisfying!—routine?

Mallory, 40


First off, I want to take a moment to say how much I adore that you love how you love—wow! So many of us get hung up on worrying about if what we like is “normal,” if how we like to have sex is okay, if the fantasies we have make us weird. You and your husband are satisfied, and you’re cool with how you’re satisfied, and that is such an amazing place to be at sexually.

Sex isn’t just about intercourse, and nipple stimulation is hugely underrated. In fact, nipple stimulation actually derives pleasure from the same parts of your brain as your clitoris! So, you’re paying attention to such an important part of your body that so many people rarely bother to notice. Plus, your nipple 69’ing is such an innovative and brilliant idea I might have to steal that for my next book.

Here are a few suggestions for toys that will help make your nipple play even hotter:

1. Sportsheets nipple clips and clamps: The thing about clamps is that you can make them work specifically for you. Clamps can be tightened or loosened to best suit the intensity you want, so you don’t have to suffer through the tightest setting if it’s too much. Both clamps and clips can be super stimulating because the tighter you make them, the more blood that leaves your nipples (for a moment),…

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