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7 sailors remain missing off the coast of Japan after Navy destroyer collides with a tanker Video

Transcript for 7 sailors remain missing off the coast of Japan after Navy destroyer collides with a tanker

start here with the developing story overseas involving that U.S. Navy destroyer. Seven sailors missing right now after their ship collided with a tanker off the coast of Japan. Questions abound as to how this could have happened. We want to you look at this video of “Uss Fitzgerald” limping back into port in Japan. This as U.S. And Japanese ships and aircraft are frantically conducting search and rescue missions. Five people were medevacked off the boat. We’ll kick off our coverage with ABC’s Matt Gutman reporting from Los Angeles. Matt, good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning, Dan and Paula. Hard to overstate how serious an incident this was. The Navy is still searching for those seven missing sailors. They have multiple search planes scouring the water, but because of the damage you just saw it’s so severe it’s also possible those sailors could still be in the wreckage on board. Just minutes ago we learned that a total of five sailors had to be medevacked including the commander of the ship. This morning the “Uss Fitzgerald” has been tugged back to port but at least seven sailors remain missing. The Navy saying multiple sailors were injured in the monstrous collision with the container ship, five sailors hurt badly enough they had to be medevacked. One of them the ship’s commanding officer. The Japanese coast guard leading the initial rescue. You can see responders crowded near the wreckage to extract the wounded. Helicopter footage shows the destroyer’s mangled midsection, the damage caving in compartments, destroying ship machinery and its radio room. The Navy saying damage both above and below the water line caused major flooding. Those red hoses seen pumping seawater out of the belly of the ship which typically has a crew of nearly 300. The Navy says this 30,000-ton container ship and the much smaller 9,000-ton U.S. Destroyer collided in open…

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