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92% of women don’t think they’re putting their ambition into practice

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If I had a penny for every single time I had been told that sexism doesn’t exist in the UK, I would be a very rich woman.

And it’s times like this that I would like to direct those people to a survey conducted by the Greenwich School of Management, which has revealed that 92% of women are not putting their professional ambitions into practice.

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In the survey, which asked 1,000 people to rate there job satisfaction, only 8% of women felt that they were on the road to success in their current job.

While 26% of women cited family commitments as the reason why they had put their dream job plans hadn’t fallen into place, another 24% stated a lack of confidence had gotten in the way.

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As well as being grossly dissatisfied with their work, only a quarter of women describe themselves as having a career, rather than a job.

‘All evidence suggests that people who feel they have fulfilling careers and have high levels of job satisfaction are the most productive employees, so it’s a real concern that so many people appear be unhappy at work,’ said Alex Reid, Careers Adviser at Greenwich School of Management in London.

‘The good news is that the labour market is becoming more fluid, with the idea that people will hold multiple jobs throughout their working lives fast becoming the norm. This means that people have a greater opportunity than ever before to take steps that set them on new career paths.’

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The women surveyed said that by the time they were 34, they felt that they were too old to change their job.

And for the few of us who are reaping the rewards of a solid career, the stress and worry of work is there to grind our gears.

And although a high-flying career is not everyone’s cup of tea, women need the support and care to achieve their desired dreams, no matter what their gender.

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