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A local church raises money and awareness about those with disabilities

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR)– A local church and nearly 2,000 people are celebrating more than Christ. They’re celebrating our loved ones with disabilities, the people they call champions.

“Every year we celebrate all of the super heroes that are a part of our community and our church, all those that have special needs,” explained Jeremy Deweerdt, Senior Pastor, City First Church. “And what you’re seeing here is you’re seeing a celebration of these amazing people.”

The church uses super hero Sunday as a way to raise funds for their program that caters to those they are celebrating.

“Well we have a ministry here called Champions Club,” said Deewerdt. “Champions Club is an environment that is like a Sunday school area, but it’s specially designed for children with special needs.”

Champions Club cost over 100-thousand dollars to build and takes nearly 30-thousand dollars a year to maintain.

But this events about more than just a fundraiser. People are suiting up for a much greater cause.

“Children and families with special needs are so important to everybody,” said Chris Merz, Serve Pastor, City First Church. “And they just bring this incredible aspect to our Church and our community and we love to celebrate that.”

The idea to celebrate these champions started six years ago when the pastors third son was born.

“When he was born he born with downs syndrome,” explained Jen Deweerdt, Pastor, City First Church. “That moment changed our perspective. It opened our eyes to a whole community we thought had been overlooked and ignored.”

Whether it’s heroes coming in from the air, in a costume, or our everyday heroes, the church says super hero Sunday is here to break down barriers with a great Hulk smash….

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