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Aaron Fisher’s Attorney Quits, Child Abuse Case Drags On | Crime & Justice

LACLEDE COUNTY, Mo. — In a Laclede County Courtroom on Monday, a very stoic and well behaved little girl sat with a Dr. Seuss book in her lap while her adoptive mother addressed Judge Richardson with an impassioned and eloquent appeal, asking the court to deny Aaron Fisher’s attorney’s request to withdraw from the case.

Defense attorney for Aaron Fisher, Kimberly Kollmeyer, filed her Motion to Withdraw on June 27, 2017. When questioned by Judge Richardson, Kollmeyer explained that Fisher’s inability to pay made it impossible for counsel to “adequately prepare and proceed to trial” and conduct an adequate defense. Her motion listed the gravity of the charge against Fisher, the impending trial in two weeks, the need for depositions, the need for expert review of medical records, the need for an investigation of the circumstances, and the defendant’s lack of resources to pay for any of the above necessities. Kollmeyer’s motion stated this made it impossible for counsel “given these limitations.”

The victim’s adoptive mother spoke in a voice, sometimes breaking. She told of the emotional drain on a family that has been dealing with the aftermath of the abuse that Aaron Fisher admitted committing against his infant daughter in 2009. She argued that allowing the current attorney, Kollmeyer, to withdraw at this late date would surely cause a lengthy delay in resetting the trial date. The trial had been set for July 31, 2017. 

If the proceeding is strung out even longer by what appeared to be a well-timed strategy or a “game” on the part of the defense, Virtue said, the strategy would be “a slap in the face” for a family trying to heal. Virtue further stated that the defense attorney had been well aware of the defendant’s inability to pay when she accepted Fisher as a client, making the timing seem…

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