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ABC’s ‘Boy Band’ pits 18 young men against each other for five spots in a new boy band – Orange County Register

If “Boy Band,” the reality TV singing competition that premieres Thursday on ABC, seems familiar, it’s because the same network more or less came up with the same idea with “Making The Band, which after its debut in 2000 jumped to MTV and ran in different versions over the decade that followed.

But does a good idea, or a successful boy band ever really go away? Judging from the 17,000 or so grown women who lost their cool and reverted to their tween-aged selves when New Kids On The Block and Boyz II Men (and Paula Abdul as the sole non-boy band act) took the stage at the Hollywood Bowl recently, the answer then is a giddy, squeal-inducing ‘No!” which is surely the same result ABC is hoping for with “Boy Band.”

The format of the show, which includes a handful of young men from around Southern California, is familiar to anyone who’s seen a show like “American Idol,”…

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