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Alcovit to Bring Hangover Prevention Drink to Weight Management, Sports Nutrition and Vitamin EPPS Event

“This upcoming EPPS event promises to be a great chance for our brand to make a strong impression on retail buyers and to open up new avenues for success,” said Mr. Mainon.

Alcovit, a unique lime-flavored drink that helps people avoid hangovers after consuming alcohol, will be among the products showcased for major retail buyers at the upcoming Weight Management, Sports Nutrition and Vitamin Efficient Program Planning Session (EPPS) in Chandler, Arizona.

This ECRM event is a popular annual trade show that gives suppliers the opportunity to present their products to major retail buyers from all different parts of the American nutritional products market. Alcovit representatives will be at the trade show to connect with these buyers. The event runs from June 25 to 30 at the Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass in Chandler.

“We are excited to have this opportunity to take part in one of the biggest trade shows in our industry,” said Brett Mainon, holder of the exclusive rights of Alcovit for the United States. “The opportunity to meet with so many major retail buyers in one location is one that does not arise often. We are looking forward to making some crucial industry connections that will help us continue to expand our brand’s reach and to spread Alcovit to more people who have not had the chance to try it out yet.”

Alcovit has been developed and perfected over the course of 25 years. When taken as the last drink of the night, it helps to prevent some of the issues known to cause hangovers. The main cause of the hangover is the buildup of toxins, which is a result of the liver trying to remove the alcohol from the body. Alcovit’s mixture of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, including the natural mineral silicate, helps the body eliminate…

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