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Alison’s Halo Eyedazzler Reissue Tempe Shoegaze Manufactured Recordings

Friday, May 19, 2017 at 6 a.m.

Tempe’s shoegaze heroes Alison’s Halo are being introduced to a new generation thanks to the reissue of Eyedazzler.

Omnian Music Group

Alison’s Halo are getting a second life by way of Manufactured Recordings. The label rereleases the Tempe band’s cult classic, Eyedazzler, via limited-edition CD, digital, and for the first time ever on vinyl on Friday, May 19. It’s a collection of the band’s songs from 1992 through 1996.

They’re the latest band included in The Shoegaze Archives, a reissue project that also includes KG’s Come Closer, We’re Cool, and Bethany’s Curve’s Mee-Eaux. It’s a series started by Manufactured Tracks in 2011 to shed light on bands that helped shape the genre.

“I thought the American aspect of this sort of music has been largely neglected, and I think Alison’s Halo had a huge role in it and it needed to be shown to people who are fans of, say, Lush, Slowdive, etc., or even Pale Saints or Swallow,” says Michael Sniper, founder of Manufactured Recordings.

Shoegaze has taken many different shapes and evolved in recent years — with help from bands like Silversun Pickups, M83, and No Joy. But all of it owes a debt to the pioneers that established the genre so identified with the 1990s scene it flourished in.

“I’d say sonically, it’s rooted in punk and post-punk in approach,” Sniper says, “but more about creating a dense wall of noise and playing with distortion and reverb in a melodic rather than ‘noise for noise’s sake’ way.”

That’s exactly the kind of sound Alison’s Halo would come to perfect. After a few different projects came and went, husband-and-wife duo Adam and Catherine Cooper officially formed Alison’s Halo in October 1992, alongside Lynn Anderson on bass and an Alesis drum machine they affectionately referred to as “Alison.”

They played their first show at an old Odd Fellows Hall that December, coincidentally the same night when…

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