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ALP Sport Now Available in American Market

“This is a product that features the highest quality ingredients available to ensure its effectiveness and safety,” said Dr. Schnorr.

ALP Nutrition®, a German company that develops and distributes a variety of nutritional products made with natural ingredients sourced locally in the Alps, announced its product ALP Sport® is now available for purchase in the United States across a wide range of sales channels.

ALP Sport® is a supplement designed to provide athletes and active people with the increased micronutrient levels they need to boost their physical performance. The natural food supplement has the goal of supporting people in achieving all of their athletic goals. It is now available on platforms such as,,,,, and more.

“We are excited to offer ALP Sport® to consumers in the United States,” said Dr. Oliver Schnorr of ALP Nutrition. “Athletes are dependent on their physical abilities, muscle building and fast regeneration. A careful and detailed nutritional balance is required to maximize those abilities, and that is what we have set out to accomplish with ALP Sport®. We are excited to hear from active people all over America to hear what they think about ALP Sport® and how it is helping them achieve their goals.”

ALP Sport® lowers fatigue in users after intense physical exercise, and has been shown to increase muscle regeneration and stamina. Its combination of unique alpine herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants provides the body with the ingredients it needs to operate at peak levels while enhancing absorption of important micronutrients.

ALP Sport® comes in a liquid dosage form with an optimized nutrient…

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