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An Introduction to the Advantages and Uses of Waterjet

Water jet cutter or waterjet made it possible for us to slice, drill or cut materials efficiently than any other cutting machines. The technology uses a high-pressure flow of water or mixture of water to cut wide varieties of materials. Water at 40,000 to 55,000 psi passes through a narrow nozzle and thus cut the materials to the required shape and size.

Credit for the revolutionary invention of the technology goes to McCartney Manufactures. They had formulated the basic type of water employed cutting technology in the year 1970 and it was used primarily for cutting wood-fiber tubes. Soon after the invention, the tool became an alternative for cold-cutting process, electrical discharge machining, traditional machining methods and so on.

Following advantages made this industrial cutting tool an alternative for many traditional cutting technologies.

  • It can be operated on any part or point of the material
  • It is completely isothermal
  • It is ideal to cut materials such as glass, wood, marble, metals, plastic and food products
  • It has lower set up cost; there is no need to adjust the set up as per the materials to be cut
  • It reduces the amount of scrape materials left after the operation and also avoid the need of any secondary finishing operation
  • It does not cause any mechanical stress on the materials
  • It is dustless
  • It does not generate toxic gases to the atmosphere
  • It can be stopped or slowed in between the process without causing damage to the material
  • It offers greater cutting speed
  • It provides greater cutting accuracy
  • It offers greater production flexibility

Today, many industries have incorporated the use of waterjet cutting technology in their cutting operations. Most of the sophisticated cutting operations in the aerospace industry like shaping, cutting and reaming of aero parts are now easier by the use of these high-pressure jets. Similarly, the tool plays an important role in the mining industry as well. Today’s mining companies make use of waterjet in…

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