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Are brand name cosmetics really better than generic discount cosmetics?

Many people believe that brand name products offer better quality then generic products because they cost more. We assume that the high price of a product has something to do with the quality of the ingredients contained in the product. However the truth is that many generic products have the same basic ingredient content as similar products that are brand name. We find this to be true in pharmaceuticals, food stuffs and even beauty products.

Cosmetics tend to be very expensive and if you are looking for a brand name product that is well know it’s even more expensive. We want to look beautiful, so we disregard discount cosmetics products, because we imagine that a more expensive eyeliner or lip gloss will make us look better, but it’s not necessarily true. The reason brand name products are more expensive is due to something called “brand tax’. Cosmetic companies spend large amounts of money to develop brand recognition, they advertise, use catchy slogans and memorable images so that their brand becomes well known and easily recognizable. Most of us feel more comfortable buying a product that is familiar and that many others use. It gives us a sense of security in our purchases. In this instance we are paying for a name and a certain peace of mind as well as the product. Naturally there is nothing wrong with buying brand name products, if you have the money, but for many who don’t there are generic products that offer a high quality alternative. Some generic products are even made in the same factories or by the same companies as similar brand name products, but cost a fraction of the price. That being said, there are some generic cosmetic products out there that sacrifice quality in order to provide a lower price. As a consumer the best way to figure out which generic products are good quality is by trying different ones and finding the ones that work best for you. Alternatively you can look at the ingredients on a high quality brand name item as…

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