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Author Patricia Penke Releases Her New Money-Making Guidebook, Stop Throwing Cash in The Trash

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Patricia Penke, the CEO of an estate sales company, decided it was time to find a way to educate the public on how certain vintage items can be mistaken for being trash and sent off to the landfill. In reality, these unknown valuables can bring in some much-needed cash. She decided to write a book believing it would be the solution to this issue. After three years of extensive research and writing, she self-published her book, ‘Stop Throwing Cash in the Trash: Your Guidebook to Finding Hidden Treasures and Transforming Them into Huge Profits.’

Patricia stated how most frequently before an estate sale company even has a chance to access a home’s items to conduct a future estate sale; the owners have already placed dumpsters on the property to start the process of liquidating a home beforehand. She said, “This is simply- a terrible idea!” Items they considered ‘junk’ have already been removed from the home, either by tossing them into the garbage, or by sending them off to the local thrift stores. Unfortunately, some of the items they might consider worthless, may be collectible and valuable items to others.”

She goes on to mention, “The significant historical value that these cast-off, items may hold. Once these treasures are brought to the landfill; they are gone forever. If our estate sales company receives a call to do a clean-out on a home with over 50 or more years of collecting-an avid hoarder-We get excited!”

Its her estate sales company goal to search for, and preserve remnants of the past-True Treasure. Her ultimate goal to educate everyone on current collecting trends, and to help preserve America’s nostalgic memories.

Patricia has been involved in selling antiques and collectibles, for…

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