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Author R.B. Jon’s new book “Out of the Abyss” is a sci-fi thriller in which illegal cloning and DNA manipulation create a superhuman capable of changing the world.

R.B. Jon, a medical professional and instructor in the field of obstetrics for twenty-five years and mother of three grown daughters living in northern Colorado with her husband and miniature dachshund, has completed her new book “Out of the Abyss”: a gripping and potent science fiction fantasy illuminating the potential horrors of unethical manipulation of human DNA.

Kate Markham was a young interior designer embarking on a new career in the big city. She was living the fast-paced life of a single woman. She had no way of knowing that her physician, Dr. Mesler, was the brains behind an underground world that pushed the limits of ethics.

Dr. Mesler’s extensive work in genetics and cloning afforded him the opportunity to work with renowned marine biologists who had discovered a new life form at the bottom of the ocean. This new creature was captured and studied in an underground laboratory that was kept hidden from the world. By blending human DNA with that of the captured sea creature, Dr. Mesler hoped to create a superhuman that would change the world forever, making the planet a safer place to live with stronger and smarter inhabitants.

Kate’s routine medical exam with Dr. Mesler became the setting for experimentation that sent the world on a course destined for disaster.

This fast-paced tale of scientific horror unravels the mystery of illegal cloning and manipulation of DNA. Dr. Mesler was successful in creating this new modified life form, and Kate Markham was instrumental in introducing it to the world.

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, R.B. Jon’s suspenseful tale takes readers to a not-too-distant world of genetic promise and peril.

Readers who wish to experience this engrossing work can purchase“Out of the Abyss” at bookstores…

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