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Bitbay Exchange Enters Indian Cryptocurrency Markets

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Bitbay has announced that it will enter the Indian cryptocurrency markets, with the company’s Indian exchange expected to be operational before the end of August. Bitbay is Poland’s largest exchange by trade volume, and is set to become the first international bitcoin exchange operating within India’s cryptocurrency markets.

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Bitbay Will Offer Demo Trading Before Launching Full Operations on August 24th

Bitbay has announced that it will be launching its exchange platform for the Indian cryptocurrency markets. Bitbay will be the first cryptocurrency exchange to offer altcoin trading – providing trading pairs for ethereum litecoin, lisk, monero, ash, and gamecredits.

From August 14 Bitbay will offer demo trading that does not involve using real money, before launching full operations on August 24th. In a recent interview with Money Control, Bitbay India Head, Rohit Dahda has stated “we are taking all necessary steps to adhere prescribed rules for Bitbay India. In fact, we are offering demo trading for users before using real currency to bring a level of confidence in common people.”

At a launch function for the newexchange, Bitbay CEO, Sylwestor Suszek, stated that “Bitbay India has been conceptualized to provide innovative services, support and solution for cryptocurrency users in terms of fast and secure transactions. Our team consists of specialists and Bitcoin enthusiasts who are active in crypto community, attend industry conference events and support charity causes via meaningful fund donations to relevant Indian societies”. An official press release states that “the prime…

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