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Bloombase StoreSafe Receives Ready for Security Intelligence Validation from IBM, Bolsters Key Management Capabilities

IBM SKLM Bloombase StoreSafe Integration

Bloombase StoreSafe works across the full spectrum of storage systems from network and disk to virtual and cloud systems, whether it might be structured or unstructured data

Bloombase is pleased to announce that its StoreSafe Data-at-Rest Encryption solution is fully interoperable with the IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager (SKLM) and is validated Ready for IBM Security Intelligence by IBM. This combination ushers in significantly enhanced convenience for enterprises looking for a powerful data storage encryption solution that also offers convenient, centralized key management features. These features greatly simplify the process of meeting of regulatory compliance.

Today’s insatiable demand for off-premises and cloud-based storage continues unabated and remains a challenge for enterprises who need to manage the unceasing amount of business and mission-critical data being generated daily. This in turn places ever greater pressure on ensuring the protection and confidentiality of data, while remaining compliant with regulatory requirements. Bloombase’s StoreSafe data-at-rest encryption technology and IBM’s Security Key Lifecycle Manager offers a potent combination of a turn-key, non-disruptive and application transparent stored data encryption solution with a powerful, centralized and automated key management system.

To the network, Bloombase StoreSafe appears like a proxy and operates like a standards-based LUN, network share, backup target or RESTful service endpoint. When an application makes a storage request, StoreSafe automatically and transparently encrypts the plain-text payload with an encryption security key before it is persisted as a ciphertext on the…

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