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Blue Mountain School District Adopts PowerSchool’s Unified Classroom Solution to Enhance the Teaching and Learning Experience

Our number one goal is to improve student success and we believe the Unified Classroom will help us do that.

Pennsylvania’s Blue Mountain School District is expanding its partnership with PowerSchool to implement the award-winning Unified Classroom solution – one platform that combines assessment, analytics, student data, grading, instruction, and learning. The district expects to save thousands of dollars each year by eliminating the use of separate software solutions in the classroom, providing teachers, students, and parents with one seamless solution that saves time, promotes collaboration, and facilitates personalized instruction.

“When teachers are faced with having to use multiple software solutions in the classroom, it may be difficult to still make time to teach in a way that optimizes the learning process for all students,” stated John Rohrer, Coordinator of Student Information Systems at Blue Mountain School District. “We wanted a one-stop shop that would allow our teachers to manage student data, use a learning management system, and online assessment and analytics solution in one intuitive portal. The Unified Classroom does that and we are excited about having the opportunity to improve the instruction and learning experience for our school community.”

Prior to adopting PowerSchool’s Unified Classroom, teachers at Blue Mountain School District were using separate tools to manage student assessment. “We did not have one central source to create, deliver, and report on student assessments,” stated Rohrer. “With the Unified Classroom, we will have one centralized repository for all curriculum so teachers can leverage a wide variety of item banks and types, share resources, and assess student learning…

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