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Celebrities’ real names revealed! | Fox News

Celebrities’ real names revealed!

The names on stars’ birth certificates are often different than those on the marquees.”>

John Legend

John Legend came by his professional name reluctantly. He was born John Roger Stephens, but poet J. Ivy came up with the bold name because he thought the musician sounded like “one of the [old-school] legends” when he performed. Others adopted the nickname, and it stuck. The rest is history.




The Grammy Award-winning rapper may be recognized as Macklemore, but his real name is Benjamin Haggerty. His stage name has its origins in a high school art project, where he had to invent a superhero. 




Common has gone through many name transformations. While the rapper was born Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr., he started his musical career as Common Sense. After discovering there was a ska band with the name in 2000, he began performing as Common. 



Katy Perry

She started her music career as Katy Hudson, the gospel singer. The singer later changed her surname to Perry, her mother’s maiden name, because she thought Katy Hudson sounded too similar to Kate Hudson. She changed her sound to pop-rock, cause that’s what sells.



Christie Brinkley

The supermodel and Billy Joel’s ex was born Christie Lee Hudson. That still has a nice all-American girl ring to it.



Natalie Portman

The Oscar winner, who was born in Israel, was born with the surname Hershlag. You might be thinking, “That sounds nothing like Portman?” Well, it’s not supposed to. She used her grandmother’s maiden name when she landed her first role in “Leon: The Professional” (1994) to supposedly protect her privacy and that of her family. It could be that, or that Portman was just easier to pronounce. You decide.



Jason Aldean

The country singer was born Jason Aldine Williams but decided he needed to change things up when he started his singing career. He chose Jason Aldean because there was a famous basketball player named Jason Williams at the time and he wanted to stand out.



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