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Choosing Toys for Autistic Children

Toys delight all children irrespective of their age and nature, and autistic children are no different. Kids learn and pickup something from everything around them, and they spend a significant time playing. Thus, the choice of play things that you make for your child has a considerable effect on him. Especially for autistic children, given the kind of concentration they have, toys can be an excellent way of working on their oral motor and mental skills. Games are something to which they reach out on their own and get involved, so this gets you fairly better chances to improve some parts of his personality, says an expert from a school for mentally challenged. So, the next time you go out to buy some toys for your child, be a little picky of what you choose.


Here we have picked up a few suggestions that work well with most kids, toggle across them to see which of these captures the interests of your child.


Books- Books indeed are man’s best friend, and who else would appreciate that more than an autistic child. With their extreme concentrations and fantasy world, most love to read books or being read to. Probably, you would know your child’s favorite genre, if not try experimenting with as many as you can. Most schools for mentally challenged also include a story reading session in their schedule, as they know that it helps them educate and loosens their imagination. Also, poetries can be a great charm for these children as they have an inclination towards rhymes and repetition.


Puzzles- These are the favorite game of most autistic children. It improves their motor skills, cognitive skills and hand and eye coordination. Upgrade on the level of puzzles and keep shuffling between different types. 


Building blocks- Stacking various multi colored pieces improve their hand and eye coordination. It helps them enhance their skills and lets them use their imagination to build new things.


Mix and Match toys- The toys in which…

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