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Civil Rights Lawyer Scott R. Dinin Wins Landmark Historic Ruling as Federal Judge Rules Winn-Dixie Stores Must Make their Website Accessible to the Disabled

Winn Dixie Stores is now seen as being outside of the mainstream thought on civic leadership and diversity ideas, and more part of “Alt Corp America.,” stated Dinin.

On July 12, 2016, Juan Carlos Gil, a visually impaired man, brought a lawsuit against the 5th largest supermarket chain Winn Dixie for violations of his civil rights under Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) based upon the inability of Winn Dixie’s website to interface with Mr. Gil’s screen reader software in the case styled Gil v. Winn Dixie Civil Action No. 16 -23020-Civ-Scola

After a two-day trial earlier this month, United States District Judge Robert N. Scola, Jr. rendered a verdict in Mr. Gil’s favor and has ordered that Winn Dixie remedy its website by following the public Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to bring their offered website into the mainstream of corporate America. (see: 1:16-cv-23020-RNS Gil v. Winn Dixie Stores, Inc._Verdict and Order)

Judge Scola’s ruling left little room for debate, in his order he wrote “The Court finds that whether the cost to modify the website is $250,000 or $37,000 is of no moment. Though that higher cost seems high, it pales in comparison to the $2 million Winn-Dixie spent in 2015 to open the website and the $7 million it spent in 2016 to remake the website for the Plenti program.” (see Court Verdict & Order)

Mr. Gil’s lawyers, Scott R. Dinin and Richard F. Della Fera presented proof at trial that Winn Dixie’s website serves as a gateway to the brick and mortar supermarkets by allowing website users to locate store locations, refill prescriptions for in-store pickup and download digital coupons that can be used for in store purchases as noticed in the Judge Scola’s published Verdict and Order in…

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