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Conducting an Olympic Slot Booking With A Flight Plan

Slot booking procedure with a flight plan

It has been decided by the UK government when conducting a flight plan in regards to the Olympics this year, all airports in the Southern UK and specifically the London area are to be slot co-ordinated. The slot allocation process will run in line with the current system used at all the major co-ordinated airports in the UK and Europe and will be governed by the European legislation and will apply to all flights using controlled airspace. In order to allocate these hourly slots, each individual airport has been given access to the UK computerised slot allocation system which is linked to both NATS and Euro control and will allow all parties to monitor the slots they have applied for when conducting a flight plan.

What will happen next?

When requesting your initial slot request for your flight plan, you will need to make sure to present the following information: aircraft operator, aircraft registration, call sign, aircraft type, date of flight, requested arrival or departure time, airport or airfield of departure and destination airport or airfield. Once the requested times have been approved in the allocation system, Flight Operations will issue a notification confirming the above information, the approved slot time and a 14 digit code issued to approve each slot. If a specific requested time is not available then the closest times or next available times will be offered and notification will be issued by Flight Operations within your flight plan.

Completing the procedure properly within your flight plan

Then when the acceptance of your time offered has been received, Flight Operations will issues a notification confirming all of the flight details as listed above and approved slot times, including the 14 digit code issued to each approved slot. If there is any change or cancellation of already approved slots, the above information will be required and the 14 digit slot approval number will need to be included within…

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