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Contemporary Ceramic Studios Association Reveals 5 Reasons Why a Paint Your Own Pottery (PYOP) Studio is the Perfect Party Zone this Summer

Bring your summer party to life! Find a CCSA-member PYOP studio near you at

Smaller groups that don’t need or want to book a private session for their party can check their local CCSA-member PYOP studio’s schedule, as there are many fun and interesting workshops and classes offered throughout the summer!

The official arrival of summer on June 21, 2017 also marks the unofficial launch of “party season,” as the social calendar rapidly fills up with birthday parties, graduation celebrations, office parties, baby and bridal showers, church outings, and the list goes on. Rather than heading somewhere ordinary and predictable, the Contemporary Ceramic Studios Association (CCSA) is encouraging all party planners to make a Paint Your Own Pottery (PYOP) studio their fun, creative and unforgettable party destination this summer.

Located across the U.S., Canada, the UK and around the world, CCSA-member PYOP studios provide people of all ages with a variety of DIY craft activities, including pottery painting, canvas painting, clay hand building, jewelry making, glass fusing, candle making, board art, mosaic making, and more.

According to the CCSA, the five key reasons why a PYOP studio is the perfect summer party zone include:

1. Booking a PYOP studio for a paint your own party is easy and affordable, and the experience can be customized to fit desired themes, concepts or ideas, such as family day, reunions, teamwork, sports, nature, and even holidays like Christmas in July.

2. All materials are included, such as paints, brushes, and supplies to complete a project. Plus, PYOP studios offer plenty of stamps, stencils, samples and ideas for inspiration to spark imagination, and for guests to get their creative groove…

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