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Craft beer labels create a more colorful world with exhibit at Hickory Museum of Art | News

HICKORY – Whether it’s the image of a chimpanzee in space, Abraham Lincoln breaking free from Mt. Rushmore or the elegant type from a Walt Whitman poem, craft beer labels are as unique as their ingredients.

As the industry has grown in recent years, those labels have become iconic venues for 21st century storytelling.

Local graphic design artist, Matt Everley has always been a fan of both craft beers and their labels, and for the last few years, he’s joined the growing ranks of accomplished artists who’ve combined both beer and visual art to help tell the stories of local breweries and their communities.

“I’ve always thought the Holy Grail for designers is beer labels and album covers,” Everley said.

He got a chance to live some of that dream with his current exhibit, Beer Type Logos, at the Hickory Museum of Art. It’s a collection of 52 brewery/beer logos he created in one year, using different typefaces. The logos are not of actual beers but rather Everley’s idea for a logo of a beer he would enjoy or was inspired by a beer he was familiar with.

“Matt’s exhibition reflects the museum’s belief in the importance of teaching about creative processes. Book’s like Dan Pink’s ‘A Whole New Mind: Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future’ have highlighted how today’s economy demands constant creativity, innovation and effective visual communication in every area of industry,” Hickory Museum of Art Executive Director Jon Carfagno said via email.

“Matt’s exhibition demonstrates how an artful approach to design can transform the common place into something both thought-provoking and beautiful.”

For Everley, a 1994 St. Stephens High graduate and 1999 NC State cum laude graduate, the creative process is about relating his personal experience to someone else, in this case the flavor of beer…

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