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Crescerance Subsidiary MAD-learn Grows Into an Independent Company

Six year old communications and engagement company Crescerance, based in Atlanta, GA spins out its K-12 educational product that teaches students mobile app development into a separate venture, MAD-learn LLC.

Crescerance was founded in June 2011 by husband and wife team Namit Bhatia and Alefiya Bhatia to be a mobile communications platform for schools and districts across the country. Alefiya’s background in early childhood education coupled with Namit’s background in SaaS based technology businesses was the perfect combination of experiences and passions to launch a suite of businesses that helped schools and districts engage their communities in more meaningful ways – on mobile. MAD-learn was launched as their second business-line 3 years ago with the intention of enabling and empowering students to do the same things that Crescerance was doing – building mobile apps!

MAD-learn has grown from an idea that germinated due to interest and input from students into a global team, serving over 15,000 students in 35 states, and 6 countries. MAD-learn has developed into a strong education focused program that is serving students from pre-K to high school, high needs areas to high access areas, and everyone in between. Their goal is to expose students of any age to STEM and STEAM career options of today through mobile app development (MAD). MAD-learn wants to ensure that every student has the opportunity to learn mobile application development, not just the 5-10% of kids who are naturally inclined to code. Without the intimidation of coding, MAD-learn gives students the ability to understand the entire cycle of product development and launch a new product. MAD-learn takes students through the entire process of ideation and planning, research, design, creation, testing, launching, marketing, selling, and supporting, in order…

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