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Defense Mechanism – Projection

Most of us have heard of the term projection, but what is our subjective meaning when we think about it?. It could be argued that our whole experience of reality is a projection and that all of the Ego defense mechanisms are a projection, but for now I will remain in this context. I believe the only person who can really realise or come to an understanding of this, is oneself, once one move’s beyond a mere intellectual understanding and into a visceral knowing.

My empirical understanding of it is the parts of ourselves that cause us pain or that we have not yet realised in ourselves, become repressed or just below conscious awareness and from that point on, start to show up in other people, via experiences, relationships, at work, family and other areas that causes us conflict in our life’s.

When we look at day to day life, a defense mechanism can be seen as a necessary and important aspect of being able to function in the world. With it being rarely possible to process these parts of ourselves in each moment. And this is not just because we are often too busy, but due to the pain that is caused by having to face ourselves can often overwhelm us. One of the long term consequences of not dealing with our defenses is the avoidance and renunciation of our own responsibility.

With my understanding being that the Ego’s main purpose is to keep us alive and part of our own evolution is to mature the Ego mind, so we can work together and not fight with it or engage in the futile attempt to remove it.

”we repress parts of ourselves and we then project those parts out into the world and in turn, become the victims of our own projections” – Oliver cooper

If we leave these parts repressed and don’t take the time to process what is causing the conflicts in our life’s, we can expect all kinds of consequences to occur as a result. The parts that cause us pain can create consequences that can be unpleasant at best and often devastating at there worst and appear to come out…

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