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Desktop as a Service Emerges as MSP Growth Opportunity

As large organizations continue to downsize and startups and SMBs look to make every IT dollar stretch, desktop as a service (DaaS) is set to take off. With some researchers forecasting 28.7 percent CAGR for DaaS, managed service providers (MSPs) should take a look at channel programs in this area of the market as it makes inroads into legacy enterprises. Many startups are already familiar with the Google suite of desktop applications, but other alternatives exist in the market, some of them more competitively priced and with better performance characteristics that would have more appeal to the traditional desktop market.

What do MSPs need to know about reselling these cloud apps to their customers? And what objections must they overcome when seeking to displace the gold standard Microsoft Office on-premises enterprise suite? Let’s look at how some other cloud office groupware stack up.

Desktop Hardware Replacement is a Big Advantage

A big selling point for any cloud computing solution is the ability to replace many pieces of on-premises hardware, primarily in the data center. But when it comes to the desktop, the business opportunity is many times larger with all the user seats that far outnumber servers and network-attached devices. Industry experts think the chance to displace a heterogeneous collection of desktop clients with a one-wire solution to the cloud offers an unparalleled chance to ease and simplify office suite deployments regardless of their locations.

“The easiest way to sell desktop as a service is to sell the ability to remove hardware issues,” says Trave Harmon, CEO, Triton Technologies. “We have clients worldwide with many different servers and many different networks. We are currently set up through Amazon desktop environments with attached servers on an EC2 platform. Users in the United States, France, India, Germany…

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