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DET could pay part of Verlander’s salary in trade

The Houston Astros could be awarded some salary relief if a potential swap is made for the Detroit Tigers Justin Verlander.

This is certainly interesting news for the Houston Astros as things aren’t looking to good in the team being able to deal for Justin Verlander.  The franchise still remains steadfast in being unwilling to deal top prospects for help on the pitching front, hampering them from making trades from some the league’s top arms at the deadline.

Verlander remains the most likely candidate the team could trade for before the waiver trade deadline of Aug. 31.  As it has become widely known, it has been said that he cleared revocable waivers about a week ago.  But the most important stickler in the Verlander trade is his astronomical salary.

He’s due to make $28 million per season through 2019 and this is certainly a number the Houston Astros are unwilling to take on in their payroll.  But according to MLB Insider Jon Morosi, there’s a possibility that the Tigers would be willing to cover part of Verlander’s salary if a trigger is pulled on a deal.

Morosi mentions that the Tigers would be willing to pay up to $10 million per season for the remaining two years of his contract to offer a potential suitor — more than likely the Houston Astros — to offer some sort of financial security.  It’s also unclear in Morosi’s piece if the $10 million is the actual number or if he’s using this figure as an example.  Regardless, he states that the Tigers could be willing to offer some type of salary relief.  Verlander also has a no-trade clause attached to his contract but would be likely to waive it if he were going to a budding team like the Astros.  He also has an opt-out clause built into this contract as well.

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So, in other words, the Astros would essentially be renting him for the remainder of this season and if he doesn’t like it here, he can opt-out of his contract and go elsewhere.  I’d consider that…

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