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Developing ‘Buddha’s Brain’ Through The Power Of The Mind-Body Connection

That winter was severe, and dismal chill descended on Boston. Snowstorms broke out almost every day – at least that is how it seemed. I walked from my home through piles of snow and muddy sleet to catch the early morning red line train to go to Massachusetts General Hospital where I was working. I sat in the train, but my mind wandered. My thoughts shifted to the north-east corner of the Dorchester metro station, where often an old man, barely clad and almost shivering, stood with a cap asking for alms. He wasn’t there that day. For some reason, I felt sad but did not know why. Maybe I was used to seeing him. I would occasionally push some coins or a dollar on to his outstretched hand, which he always gracefully accepted with a smile. I felt sad for a moment. Dark, gloomy sky, frigid blowing southern winds, poor visibility and a temperature nearing -20 degrees Celsius created the requisite milieu for such a mental state.

I soon realised the effects of this sadness on my body, after years of study on medicine and personal experience with meditation that I started at the age of six. The depressed mental state is a harbinger of cancer, heart disease and even death. It is something that you just cannot entertain. It is like having a small porch in front of your house where instead of growing a few flower trees you plant weeds. So is the brain – the one organ in your body that defines who you are. You cannot afford to cultivate any negative thoughts, as your thoughts ultimately create your physical reality. I would like to share with you how we as humans have come to re-realise this truth garnered thousand of years ago by our sages and philosophers.

Despite over 50 years of innovative research in medicine and molecular biology, our knowledge about the human brain and its functioning has remained elemental. Little or nothing of what we traditionally call “mind” has been thoroughly understood. In particular, the idea…

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