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Does clipping coupons save you money? – News – The Progress-Index

Strolling for discounts can definitely save your family lots of money, but it’s not for everyone. Honestly speaking, if you don’t have the time, space, buying habits, organizational skills or inclination, the couponing process will cause more headaches than it is worth. Don’t be fooled, unless you are properly taught how to master the art of couponing, being a serious couponer can potentially be hard work! It takes hours of going through circulars, matching them with sales advertisements, and driving to stores; wherefore, the average person doesn’t have time for this. The finest couponers often treat their coupon habit like a part-time job and I do not recommend couponing for those who are organizationally challenged. By this I mean, successful couponing requires you to track websites and newspaper coupons and research manufacturer offers, as well as expiration dates on a continuous basis. Additionally, you have to bring the right coupons when you shop and not leave them at home or in the car. Therefore, you must pay close attention to detail.

Nevertheless, once you actually get the hang of all of this, you could potentially save or cut your food budget using coupons greater than half.

According to the Harvard Business Review, Americans redeem $3.7 billion of coupons annually. If you are a first timer, there’s this emotional high: “Oh, my God, I’m saving money!”

On the other hand, for the heaviest coupon users, it’s as much a sport as anything else.

Additionally, according to the Review, only about 1 percent of coupons are ever used. If coupons weren’t a good deal for manufacturers and retailers, they would stop printing them. I have found that once you begin using coupons, you will be astonished at how much money you can potentially save! You may actually be able to purchase your groceries for a fraction of the usual price if you find the right coupons.

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