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Eclipse: 3 apps to get the best solar eclipse experience

North America will celebrate a rare celestial event on August 21 as a solar eclipse makes its way across the continent. It’s an especially shining moment for the U.S. since the path of totality (where the sun is completely covered) will cross from Oregon on the West Coast all the way to South Carolina on the East Coast.

We’ve already shared some great photography tips and gear recommendations, and even some safety precautions. If you’ve missed our coverage, click here for everything you need to know to see, photograph and experience the 2017 Solar Eclipse.

You can also listen to our two-part Komando on Demand podcast series where Kim interviews some of the world’s leading experts and gets some great insight into what makes this particular eclipse so special. We’ve embedded them below, so all you have to do is press “play” to listen.

But, there’s one last thing. Before you head out to view the eclipse on August 21, you’re going to want to download these convenient apps that can help you plan out your viewing, find the perfect spot and see the sun safely.

1) Eclipse Safari

The Eclipse Safari app comes from the developer of popular astronomy app SkySafari. It includes a countdown timer, an interactive eclipse map, live eclipse updates, a viewing guide, and a news feed with articles that go in-depth on the eclipse.

The app’s Shadow Tracker takes you to a space view that lets you see the moon’s shadow as it makes its way across the Earth. You can play with a time slider in the simulator to see where the eclipse goes.

The countdown timer has some nifty extras built in. It counts down to the eclipse’s West Coast landfall and will then switch to showing which state the eclipse is in and how long it will take to reach your location. Keep your eye on the countdown so you don’t get caught inside and miss the brief event.

Eclipse Safari is a free app for both Apple and Android.

2) Total Solar Eclipse 2017

The Total Solar Eclipse 2017 app from San…

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