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Europe’s best player has NBA wish list that won’t please Nets

As the Nets’ starting point guard Jeremy Lin talked about his latest injury Monday, their purported point-guard target Milos Teodosic was talking about what he’d want when he finally leaves Europe to come to the NBA.

CSKA Moscow’s free-agent-to-be Teodosic — whom NBA general managers voted the best player outside the league — turned 30 Sunday, and the next day blogged about his future plans on

“It’s true that I’m seriously thinking about the possibility of the NBA, but nothing has transpired yet, and nothing will until the summer. I’ve said before that, in order for me to go to the USA, a team has to meet both my competitive ambitions — which is the most important thing — and everything that has to do with the financial aspect as well as the aspect of the length of my contract,’’ he wrote.

“I need a team with a plan and high goals. … I want to feel that an NBA team knows my game, has a plan for me and can use me in a unit with real chemistry, while having high goals and being competitive. I want to win, to be motivated and to feel that the coaches and the organization trust me.”

So he wants playing time, cash and competitiveness. With a talent-poor roster, over $30 million in cap space this summer but a 13-56 record, the Nets can offer two of the three.

The Nets and Nuggets are reportedly the two most interested teams. The Nuggets also have cap space, and Serb teammate Nikola Jokic. The Nets have assistant GM Trajan Langdon (Teodosic’s friend and former CSKA teammate) and owner Mikhail Prokhorov (who owned CSKA). Nets GM Sean Marks is in Europe and slated to scout Teodosic on Wednesday, according to European writer David Pick.

“I want to go to the NBA and I know that I can establish myself there and really contribute. I will not sign anywhere just to be able to say that I played in the NBA. I need the whole package that will excite me,’’ said Teodosic. “So it depends on what offers I get as a free…

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