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Everything we could connect between Patriots and GOT’s ‘Dragonstone’

Here is everything we could connect between the New England Patriots and Dragonstone (season 7, episode 1) in HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”

Beware, there are spoilers and plot summaries from the episode below.

You can bet it does.

After Arya Stark murders Walder Frey’s family by masquerading as Frey, she utters the words: “The North remembers.”

Indeed, The North in both Westeros and the United States remembers. To be specific, New England remembers Tom Brady’s four-game suspension over Deflategate. Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia famously donned a shirt with the text “The North Remembers.”

Perhaps Arya’s decision to bring back the phrase made Patriots fans think of the season opener, when Roger Goodell will return to New England for the first time since the Deflategate scandal began.

Clegane strikes me as the most surprising survivor from the early seasons. Not only do I wonder why he’s still here — something Clegane seems to be wondering himself — but I also wonder how he’s still here.

Think of Rob Gronkowski. The Patriots tight end is one of the biggest and baddest men in the NFL. Thus, he gets hurt often. His career will likely get be a short one because everyone’s trying to knock him out of the game. Clegane’s a soldier, and one of the best. But even the best soldiers spend their life in battle and often die early (See: The Mountain, Oberyn Martell, Rob Baratheon).

Now seven seasons into the series, Clegane is a true survivalist — not just a survivor.

He stole money from the family which he encounters late in this episode. They died, as he predicted in an earlier episode, and likely due in part because he took their money. By burying the bodies, Clegane shows he’s feeling the guilt of surviving. He is starting to feel like one of “The Leftovers.”

That said, growing a conscience may also pose a threat to his survivalist nature. Similarly, if Gronk started playing like he’s scared of getting injured,…

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