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Experts to advise HSE on how to review major software glitch

The methodology for a review into a major glitch in a system for storing medical images is expected to be finalised by the Health Service Executive early this week.

HSE staff are taking advice from radiologists and other clinical experts on how to conduct a review into the software problem, which may result in thousands of people having to have medical tests redone.

The problem spotted in the HSE’s system for storing scans means the “less than” symbol (<) was omitted when records were archived. This could lead to a doctor overestimating the seriousness of a patient’s condition and ordering unnecessary procedures.

HSE director-general Tony O’Brien told staff in a memo earlier this month that the supplier of the National Integrated Medical Imaging System (Nimis) knew about the issue for 18 months but did not inform the organisation.

The flaw was known to the company, Change Healthcare, in January 2016, according to the HSE.

Some 23,302,968 records have been created on the system for 6,109,043 people in the last six years. A total of 21,131 records were impacted by the “<” error over that time.

Risk to patients

In a statement, the executive said its…

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