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Eyewitness of deadly Charlottesville crash speaks out Video

Transcript for Eyewitness of deadly Charlottesville crash speaks out

Thank you for your reporting. Joining us now is is John Zeigler. A self-described citizen journalist. In charlottesville covering the clashes. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for having me today. First and foremost, you saw the crash. Before it happened, can you describe how high were tensions at that moment? Um — to replay the scene, tepgss were particularly low. Ten minutes later, we saw a couple hundred counterprotesters gathering. We’re here to E cover it. They were getting ready to March peacefully. They had science. They were chanting. They were not chasing after any of the white nationalists. There were no white nationalists in the area. They’re going to March. People let the car in because they thought it was a cop car? Um, there were some witnesses. After it happened, we had a time we were taking to each other, look at other people’s video footage. Trying to get the whole story of what happened. And — we had some witnesses that were up at the front of the street where the car entered. Saying that — it was coming in slow, they thought it was a cop car because it had all tinted windows. They didn’t see a license plate on the front of the car. It was going slow. Then it slammed on the gas. He did stop and back up and ram the crowd again, correct? Yes. I mean, I would say he was going at least 30 miles per hour, if not faster than that. And then, when he backed up, I know he ran over another couple of people as he wassing bag up to get out of there. Another interesting piece, yesterday, I overheard someone else who was an eyewitness giving an interview to another media outlet who was at the area where the car first entered the street. He said he saw the car waiting there for at least a couple of minutes, observing the counter counterprotesters, waiting to see which way they were going to March. What do you want to hear from our country’s leaders right now? I want to hear…

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