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EZ House Buyers Offers Property Owners Fast Solutions To Sell

Fast EZ Cash!

With school starting soon, many markets slow down and it becomes harder to sell a home. “We are seeing properties stay on the market longer in many markets across the country, especially when school starts,” says EZ House Buyers CEO, Don McClain. “Homes that were selling in days in some markets, may be sitting for months currently, and that trend may continue.” “No matter what part of the cycle we are in, there is always someone who needs to sell their house quickly,” says Don McClain.

EZ House Buyers,, based in Austin, Texas, serves home and property owners who need to sell their home quickly and avoid the traditional sales channels of listing, showings, open houses, loan approvals, etc. “The traditional process of selling a home just is not for everyone, every time. The seller may need to move quickly, or the property may not be in a condition to list with a realtor,” says McClain.

There are several reasons a property owner may want to sell their property quickly and avoid the traditional sales channels. Some of these are:

  • Loss of job
  • Divorce
  • Death in the family
  • Inherited property
  • Illness in the family
  • Condition of property

EZ House Buyers,, is a firm that is dedicated to helping homeowners and property owners sell their property quickly, by offering them a fair competitive offer on the property, in an “as-is” condition. Don McClain states, “While we primarily serve homeowners in Texas, we can assist homeowners in any area of the country. And while we cannot offer the full retail price of the property, we can close fast, pay all closing costs, and make the process very painless and seamless.”

EZ House Buyers can offer a fast solution…

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