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‘Famously Single’ Season 3 Could Happen, Because Celebrities Have Feelings Too

The ultimate way celebrities are just like us is that even fame can’t guarantee love. And for celebrities who want to figure out why true love has evaded them, there’s Famously Single, the reality series that’s spent two seasons collecting a group of stars and attempting to give them the skills they need for better romantic relationships. Will Famously Single return for Season 3 with another bunch of lovelorn celebs?

The series’ second season is coming to an end, and the couples that have formed will return to the real world and discover whether or not their unions are strong enough to weather normal life. The show hasn’t always had the best track record with helping its participants find lasting love, but at it’s core, Famously Single is about them doing the emotional work required to get over the issues that are keeping them away from relationships — and, of course, getting in entertaining arguments with other celebrities along the way.

Now, the only thing to wait for is the word from E!, the network that needs to decide if they want a 2018 edition of the show. In 2016, the network didn’t announce Famously Single would return for Season 2 until November, when the series was already filming. Perhaps E! is waiting until Famously Single finalizes a new cast, gets them together, and begins production before announcing the third season. It will be hard to find a group with more challenges than the Season 2 cast, which featured three members who have already been on at least one reality show looking for love before. But the best way to draw new celebrities to Famously Single is to show how much things have improved for the ones who have stayed in the loft and done the show. So, let’s see how the Season 2 cast fared.

Malika Haqq

According to an interview with E! News, Malika is currently single — her relationship with Ronnie didn’t last. And while she said she’s looking to date, she also said, “It’s not a quick, instantaneous thing and I just need to take my…

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