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Firm that sent hedge funds into a panic soaring 1,500% since Donald Trump's election win


James Burton For The Daily Mail

It’s a shipping firm few ordinary investors have heard of, but it has become the target of wheeler-dealers desperate to make – and save – their fortunes following the election of Donald Trump.

Shares in Greek shipping company DryShips – which is listed in the US – soared 1,500 per cent in the days after president-elect Trump’s victory as worried hedge funds dumped their bets that the troubled business was about to go bust.

Huge swathes of the firm’s stock was being held by short-sellers who hoped to make a killing as the global shipping industry slumped. 

Shares in Greek shipping firm DryShips – which is listed in the US – have soared 1,500% in the days after President-elect Trump’s victory

But Trump’s win, and…


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