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First surfing safari? Here’s what you need to know | Entertainment

Let’s go surfin’ now

Everybody’s learning how

Come on and safari with me

— “Surfin’ Safari” by Brian Wilson and Mike Love, The Beach Boys

It’s time to go on your first safari. You’re stoked to the max. This will be the first time you will be riding waves away from your home break — the first time you will be surfing an unfamiliar wave, at an unfamiliar beach, in a lineup of strangers. Some homework, preparation and thought can make the journey pleasant, but without research a trip can rapidly turn crazy.

The web can provide information on breaks in faraway places. Pull up the maps and study them. Have some idea of the coastline and its relationship to major cities and to where you are staying. Surfer Magazine publishes descriptions of breaks around the world and useful local knowledge that is helpful when getting around in a strange country. 

Keep a journal

A journal will help in preparation, during the trip, and afterward. A simple notebook will do. Start with a list of what is needed for the trip. Record detailed descriptions of sessions and breaks to help keep the memories alive and to provide guidance when you return to a specific break.

It was New Year’s Day, and the temperature was near 70 degrees. The air was sparkling clear.…

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