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Former Detective Pens Novel to Provide Realistic Look at Criminal Proceedings

Three decades of police work have left Joe Carr with a wealth of experience, knowledge and insight on how criminal investigations truly work. A detective with the Birmingham police before moving on to the Criminal Investigation Department, he now hopes to bring readers an authentic look at crime solving. Loosely based on his own time serving, Carr shares “The Corrupt Costermonger: A Seller of More Than Fruit.”

“The Corrupt Costermonger,” follows the story of Detective Sargent Ron O’Neill and his efforts to bring down one of England’s largest crime rings. The Sutton family was born into abject poverty but made a name for themselves in the crime world, smuggling heroin and immigrants in wooden crates. Their operation has remained undercover as they have masked themselves as fruit and vegetable vendors.

Sargent O’Neill receives new and damaging information that could help bring down the Suttons, but the deeper he digs into the family the more danger he uncovers. He finds the Suttons criminal activities are only the first link in a chain that may lead all the way up to the British parliament.

“I believe my firsthand experience and knowledge lends a level of credence and realism to my story, that you won’t find in many other crime novels,” Carr said. “With The Corrupt Costermonger, I provide a true inside look at how police, detectives and even lawyers run a case, from open to close.”

“The Corrupt Costermonger: A Seller of More Than Fruit”

By Joe Carr

ISBN: 9781517799436 (hardcover) 9781514499429 (softcover) 9781514499412 (ebook)

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Xlibris

About the author

Joe Carr was born in Birmingham, England. The youngest of seven children, he was educated at the Sacred Heart School. He then completed five years as an apprentice decorator. On completion…

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