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Four Basic Tools Used In Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an age-old healing treatment that was used by ancient civilizations around the world. They used to be exclusively available for the affluent. But today, they can be taken advantage of in a variety of medical and recreational settings. They may even be set up at home or in the office, provided you have the equipment and tools a massage therapist may need.

Tables – Special massage tables help position the client appropriately during sessions. It keeps them comfortable while providing the support required for the bodywork. A standard massage table is heavily padded, with a surface that is easy to clean, and it usually has a horseshoe-shaped head rest that enables the client to lie face down for hours, without straining his neck and compromising his breathing. Often times, these fixtures also come with orthopedic pillows or bolsters to help the client correct his body positioning during the massage.

Chairs – When the client does not want nor need to lie down, ergonomic chairs can be used instead of a massage table. After all, a person does not need to lie down to get a relaxing, 30 minute massage therapy. They are usually found on office spaces because of their compact size, and they are more preferred in that setting, because there would be no need to disrobe.

Lubricants – These help lessen the friction caused by kneading, and they are usually essential oils. Some of the famous choices include grape seed, olive oil, almond oil, macademia, sesame oil, pecan oil, fractionated coconut oil and mustard oil. What to use typically depends on what type of massage will be performed, since specific properties may be required for different conditions. In some cases, instead of oils, crèmes, gels and lotions are applied as substitutes. To remove dry skin, some massage therapists use salts along with lubricants.

Body rock – This serpentine-shaped massage tool, normally made out of stone, is utilized to enhance the strength and pressure being introduced…

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