COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Millions watched the highly anticipated season premiere of “Game of Thrones” Sunday night.

But instead of just watching it on the big screen, there’s a place nearby where you can actually experience the magic in person.

Texas A&M University’s Cushing Memorial Library was handpicked by George R. R. Martin himself to be the forever home of all of the author’s original manuscripts and cherished keepsakes.

It’s called “The wall.”

“These boxes all contain all of his manuscripts and correspondence,” said Cushing Memorial Library’s Science Fiction & Fantasy Curator Jeremy Brett.

It may not be carved of ice and stone, but this stack of shelves contains the stories and scripts that have inspired the cultural phenomenon that is “Game of Thrones.”

“It’s a great privilege and honor to be the place that houses the materials that go into making those things up,” Brett said.

It’s not where you’d expect a collection like this to be housed. The Citadel may seem more fitting. But the seven kingdoms and all its glory sit here among the archives at Cushing Memorial Library.

“His books and the show, these mean things to people. They bring joy to people’s lives. They bring sadness and anger,” Brett said.

You can find original manuscripts and over a thousand books hand picked to be there by George R.R. Martin himself.

But it’s not just novels.

“We’ve got…