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Garmin Foot Pod – The Best Solution for Indoor Workouts

Garmin Foot Pod

A Garmin Foot Pod is a kind of advanced pedometer that estimates the space and speed of your walking or running. A runner would really like to monitor the time span of his exercise routine along with the distance covered. Foot pod technology helps the consumers to estimate and manage their workouts with accurate results.

This foot pod uses a little watch battery that’s affordable and replaceable. With the power to live your running cadence, this device will really facilitate you to optimize your coaching.

Its compact feature enables it for a comfortable usage and prevents you from the discomfort of hobbling or attaching a large cuff to your wrist
Garmin Foot Pad – What it means?

The Garmin Foot Pod is a very tiny device that is small enough to be connected to shoelaces or merely placed within the mid-sole pocket of the shoes. This device has an awesome battery life of 1 year of average running.

When the weather doesn’t favor you anymore, you would better prefer to use the treadmill. So during such inclement weather when it rains or gets very cold to exercise outdoors, you’ll use this foot pod to estimate your training speed and distance along with calories used and heart rate on the treadmill.

Uses of Garmin Foot Pad

This foot pod can be used for both outdoor as well as indoor activities.
If you are coaching outdoors, it’s merely hooked up to your shoelace and you get an estimate of your exercise while you are done.

You can use the Forerunner 305 adequately indoors when GPS satellites are not available. The distance and speed are transmitted from the foot pod connected to your shoe lace to your Forerunner and this information is additionally stored for workout history like coaching outdoors.

Specific models of Garmin watches FR60/FR70 has no built in GPS connectivity. Usage of Garmin foot pods will help the users to obtain speed and distance indoors or outdoors and send workout data to computer wirelessly.

Alternative Interface to Garmin Watch

The Garmin Foot Pod SDM4 can also be connected to even iPad, Apple iphone and even iPod and one don’t need to purchase a Garmin watch with GPS to use this feature. A device known as Digifit connect uses an apps called iRunner from iTunes to be had at low rates.

The workout knowledge is transmitted wirelessly to the device via the Digifit connect that’s available for a one-time low fee. This low power ANT+ receiver connects to the iPad, Apple iphone or iPod. You need to have complete functionality apps and Digifit connect to monitor pace and alternative ANT+ sensors for other data.

Technology employed in Garmin Foot Pod

The technology used in foot pods is the accelerometer. The foot pod estimates the distance traveled by the foot by measuring the time taken by the foot to hit the ground. Variables like terrain and fatigue are thought of before estimation is done.

What makes the Garmin device unique from alternative pedometers is that the technology used. The MEMS inertial-sensor technology that…

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