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Grief & Loss – A Lady’s Changing Hats

Grief, loss, and hats? You’ll be asking yourself what within the heck do hats have to try and do with grief. After I found myself grieving from the loss of five family members directly, one of the items I had a problem with was my hats.

No, I am not talking regarding rain or gardening hats. I am talking about the various hats I wore in each relationship, the roles that I played inside each setting. Among my hats were mother, wife, daughter, granddaughter, teacher, miss fix-it, friend, etc. When my losses, I had a troublesome time finding a number of my hats and defining some of my roles.

When you lose someone very near and expensive to you, like I did, you will feel your hats have become disorganized, are missing a few cherries, or just don’t appear to suit any longer. These feelings are common throughout the grief cycle. They are very understandable and a natural reaction to the loss.

Throughout our lives, we tend to have a selection of hats we tend to wear and roles we have a tendency to assume so as to take care of things. We amendment hats as every would like arises. We never throw a hat away! Once we are finished with one hat or role, we simply pack the hat away and take it out once more when needed at a later time.

I wore my mothering-hat long before I came to be a mother to my son. I mothered the kids in my school rooms, friends’ children, my grandparents as they grew recent, my father through his illness, and even some lost kids in Walmart. In fact, I still tend to step into that role for people who want a mother figure.

Some of you will be ready to higher identify with the CEO hat. You make decisions all day. You guide and advise workers, weigh consequences, and create decisions based mostly on the statistics you have. These talents, a lot of than likely, spill over into alternative aspects of your life and aren’t only gift throughout office hours.

After we lose somebody or one thing, it can feel as if a tornado has blasted through our closets and scattered…

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