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Guide to Compactors and Baler Wire


What is Baler Wire?

Baler wire is a sort of material which is used in both agricultural and as well as industrial set up with features including use as a repairing material to binding straw or even grass and even mounting them into hay balers.

Types of Baler Wire

Baler wires are of many types such as manual tie ones, boxed ones as well as stand baler wires.

Manual tie wires are available in loops utilized in vertical and as well as horizontal door settings. They’re oil proof and also clean as well. Boxed Baler wire is used in open ended auto tie balers. They are packed into corrugated boxes and also can be fed from the centre of the coil and even from the outside. They are available at 100 and 50 lbs units. The stand Baler wire can be used for auto tie balers and as well as 2 Ram balers as well. They come in generally 2 forms namely Black Annealed wire as well as high tensile Galvanised…


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