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Guns & Politics: The Warsaw Ghetto Uprisi

Following on the heels of last month’s visit of our 45th President and his gorgeous family, the magnificent Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their gorgeous family have been welcomed as VIP guests to the remarkable nation of Poland in Eastern Europe.

I guess some Western leaders are finding it necessary to get to know one of the few European nations that will be left after the majority of them, mostly in Western Europe, commit suicide, as they are currently in the process of doing.

Poland is remarkable not only because of its resiliency, and its courage through unimaginable difficulties, but because of its steadfast people, and its magnificent history. You will see that significant parts of both the American and the British visitors’ schedules were trips to sites of examples of some of the immense tragic occurrences in Polish history.

The one that will really break your heart is the story of the Ghetto Uprising in the capital city of Warsaw toward the end of the Second World War. As the war developed in Poland, little by little, then progressively more aggressively, the Jews of Poland were forced into the relatively small space of a section of Warsaw that became known as the ghetto. Eventually half a million Jews were crowded by the Germans into an area of several city blocks and a wall was built by the Nazis around it to keep them in: “at the time this was done, the Germans were still debating what to actually do with them.”

It was further speculated that “…as they (the Jews) were an administrative problem, genocide became the preferred option to deal with them. The ghetto itself made it easier for the Germans to herd them together quickly, and onto trains, which ‘resettled’ them in the camps.”

Most of the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto who were ‘resettled’ were gassed at the concentration camp known as Treblinka.

By the time the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto realized they had no hope, but only a choice of whether to die in the Nazi extermination…

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