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How Pricey Are Engine Repairs in Your State? | News

CARS.COM — You may have heard of emo band Dashboard Confessional, but the real dashboard confessional is your check-engine light — and depending on where you live, that ominous glow may stir up more emotions than a sad song. For example, in Connecticut, car owners may feel fear and loathing at the thought of an average repair bill of $411 — the highest in the nation, according to a new study by California-based CarMD.

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The automotive diagnostic information provider examined the costs of parts and labor for car repairs that trigger vehicles’ check-engine light, analyzing more than 11.5 million fixes last year on model-year 1996 through 2016 cars. The annual state-by-state ranking also concluded that the thriftiest state for car repairs was Michigan, with an average repair bill of roughly $343, and that the most common culprit of a trip to the mechanic was a faulty oxygen sensor — as demonstrated by 35 states — which can cost from $233 to $296 to fix.

“Properly operating oxygen sensors are important to a car’s performance and to the environment,” CarMD said in a statement. “If left unrepaired, most check-engine-light-related problems, including a faulty O2 sensor, can negatively impact a car’s fuel economy and cause damage to other car parts like the more costly catalytic converter, which averages $1,190 to replace.”

The 10 most expensive states (including the District of Columbia) for check-engine-light repairs, followed by the average cost of parts and labor, are:

10. Tennessee, $385.90

9. Colorado, $387.24

8. Delaware, $387.74

7. Utah, $387.95

6. Montana, $388.31

5. Maryland, $392.99

4. Georgia, $396.37

3. Rhode Island, $405.83

2. District of Columbia, $410.98

1. Connecticut, $411.45

On the other end of the spending spectrum, here are the 10 cheapest states for engine repairs:

10. Wyoming, $361.43

9. Indiana, $360.11

8. South…

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